At Nemetos Tanasuk, we are committed to providing digital solutions that not only deliver results but also prioritise security and data protection. We are pleased to announce our recent recertification for ISO 27001:2022, demonstrating our continued adherence to the latest information security management standards.

Understanding ISO 27001 Certification

The ISO 27001:2022 certification is the most recent iteration of the international standards for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It promotes a detailed and methodical approach to the management of sensitive company and client data, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The 2022 revision of the standard includes additional provisions to address the ever-changing threats and challenges in the digital world.

The Relevance of ISO 27001 in Digital Commerce

In today’s digital age, data and information security has never been more important, with the number of data breaches and cyber threats on the rise. As experts in digital commerce, protecting our own and our clients’ information is a top priority. Our decision to regain the ISO 27001:2022 standard demonstrates our forward-thinking approach and commitment to upholding the most stringent industry security standards while instilling a culture of continuous improvement and vigilance against potential security threats.

Highlights of The Latest Certification 

The revision in 2022 introduced significant enhancements to adapt to the modern cybersecurity environment:

  • Comprehensive Risk Management: Emphasising the importance of risk management, ISO encourages organisations to perform exhaustive risk evaluations and develop effective risk mitigation strategies.
  • Upgraded Controls: To combat emerging cyber threats, this update presents new and revised controls, offering a more extensive framework for cybersecurity measures.
  • Compatibility with Other Standards: The 2022 standard is designed for compatibility with other management system standards, facilitating a unified and efficient approach to organisational processes.

Advantages for Our Clients

The recertification offers our clients several benefits, reinforcing our commitment to their digital commerce success:

  • State-of-the-art Security Measures: Adopting the latest standard means our clients benefit from the most advanced security measures, safeguarding their data against new cyber threats.
  • Assured Regulatory Compliance: Our alignment with ISO 27001 ensures compliance with evolving regulatory requirements, offering services that meet the highest industry benchmarks.
  • Commitment to Ongoing Enhancement: Our dedication to this new standard underscores our commitment to continuous improvement, allowing us to refine our security practices in light of new risks and vulnerabilities.

To celebrate our ISO 27001 recertification, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for their continued confidence in our services. This milestone demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of information security, ensuring our clients’ digital assets are protected with the utmost care and professionalism.

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