Optimise every step of your customer’s journey with the cloud-based systems that support your business goals creating a better ROI, giving you the competitive edge.

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Composable E‑Commerce Solutions

Customers are at the heart of retail, which is why we help you to create fast, human-centric experiences which inspire customers to buy. We use cloud-based technology to future-proof your commerce solution and create an online shopping ecosystem that builds brand trust and deepens customer loyalty.

Our team works with you to bring your products to life across all your digital channels, driving additional revenue to achieve your sales goals. Using complex data, we make sure every moment leaves a lasting impression on your customers, wherever they are in their buying journey.

Product Strategy

Surfacing your products at the right time for the right customers is essential to the success of your e-commerce solution. At Nemetos Tanasuk, we can guide you through the various options that can help support this process – from a business-ready PIM system, to AI driven search, and personalised product placement.

Improving retention and conversion

We believe in focusing on the metrics that will drive real business value and see a strong return on investment for you. As such, we have experience in helping to improve customer retention (driving repeat purchases) as well as your overall conversion rate, through AB and MV Testing, Personalisation, streamlined user journeys, and more. We believe in using real data to drive our decision making, which is why our processes will involve customer surveys, interviews, analysis of on-site analytics, and heatmapping. That way, you can be sure to see proven results.

Basket design and Bundling

From our experience, focusing on your checkout process is one of the most effective ways to drive increased revenue and profits. That’s why we can assist with an improved basket design, checkout process, and analysis of your user journey to find the best and most personalised ways to upsell better products, or cross-sell matching items, to your customers.

Increase average order values

By increasing the average spend of each of your customers, you can get even more value out of your marketing spend and continue to reinvest in business growth. We take a customer-centred approach, through surveys, interviews, testing, and analytics, to find key ways to adjust your user journeys in order to help drive more spend per purchase. We also tie in with your merchandising and product teams to better understand how to increase margin as well as revenue.

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