To deliver value to every buyer, manufacturers must peel away the layers to get closer to their end customers and personalize at scale.

In manufacturing, stronger bonds make all the difference

The bar has been set. Behaviors have changed. Buyers are acting on personal preferences and engaging based on positive experiences. They demand higher levels of service, personalization, and transparency. Any business that isn’t oriented around these expectations is fast losing connections with customers. Yet, right now, only 4% of manufacturing executives across the UK and Europe say their digital experience is dynamically tailored to each customer.

Meet the rising demand for individual experiences

Sitecore Experience Manufacturing

According to Gartner, only a third of marketers feel their existing tech is useful. And meanwhile, over 80% are sitting on a short-sighted or outdated roadmap.1 Does your technology address today’s needs?

The manufacturing landscape is changing. In-person communications are being replaced by digital experiences. Customer preferences are becoming highly individualized, expectations are rising, and outstanding service is expected as standard.

With 63% of manufacturers saying there’s a greater willingness to make long-term investments in the tech and capabilities needed to compete in customer experience, organizations that fail to adapt, risk being left behind.

Choreograph your next move

It’s time to evolve to meet customer demands. Only 4% of our survey respondents say that their digital experience is dynamically tailored for each customer. You have the opportunity to make a name for yourself as a differentiator.

To move ahead of competitors, you need to reorient around customer experience and deliver value to every type of buyer.

Sitecore’s interactive playbook takes you through the steps to forging new connections and getting closer to your customers.

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