With the end of the year approaching, businesses need to be thinking about their key priorities and what enhancements they can make to their company.

Before going into 2019, have you fulfilled your 2018 priorities yet? Here are the six trends you should have considered:

  1. Personalisation: We are living in a ‘Culture of Me’ world and marketers need to embrace personalisation to build solid long-term relationships with their clients and prospects
  2. Machine Learning & ChatBots: Receiving instant responses on websites has become a consumer expectation, developing a chatbots marketing strategy is a must
  3. Data marketing:Improving the quantity and quality of the data you hold will go a long way within your marketing strategy
  4. Big Data: The amount of data available can be overwhelming but if you understand how to collect and analyse Big Data, you’ll learn more about your prospects and customers, therefore improving your marketing efforts
  5. E-Commerce: With a continued growth in retail E-Commerce, it is essential for marketers to raise their online brand awareness in order to engage more customers
  6. Mobile-first: Now that most Google users access the search engine through a smartphone, Google are now ‘predominately’ looking at the mobile version of a site’s content for indexing and ranking. Businesses need to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly with a strong SEO.

If you haven’t been able to fulfil these Marketing top trends of 2018, don’t panic – all of these essential enhancements can be made using Sitecore XP 9. Nemetos are here to help you accelerate your digital transformation through Sitecore XP 9.

Do you want to find out more information about Sitecore 9 and what it can offer? Get in touch with the Nemetos Tanasuk team!

Nemetos Tanasuk is a Certified Sitecore Partner and has been implementing Sitecore solutions for over ten years for hundreds of websites.

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