The Sitecore Customer Engagement platform is one of the best tracking platforms in the Web Content Management (WCM) industry. It has been ranked by Gartner as the top WCM in terms of ability to execute for the eighth year running. It’s heralded by Gartner for doing “more than most other providers to ensure customer success”, enabled by its ability to integrate with third-party software, to extend deeply into digital marketing roles.

From a marketing perspective, it’s the only platform to deliver end-to-end analysis of customer journeys – from their first engagement through to goal completions. Sitecore’s ability to connect the dots between interactions and activities across all campaign channels and interpret success in terms of reaching a goal helps marketing teams to intelligently select the best-performing campaigns.

But, how does this all work? As a Sitecore-dedicated agency, we know it can be difficult to understand how this translates into your own environment. Here’s the platforms and methods you can use across your website:

How to connect the dots across all channels – not just your website.

Whether operating in a B2B or B2C environment, it’s important to understand who your customers are, so that you can segment, prioritise and market to them effectively.

One of the key selling points of Sitecore is that it knows your customers’ journeys. As well as collecting data from their touchpoints on your website, Sitecore will tie in any other associated channels: Search and Display banners, your own ERP and CRM and customer service platforms, or even secondary websites (using the Federated Experience Manager). It then combines all of this information to give you one all-encompassing view of your customer activities.

Marketers can use this information to serve up tailored, relevant experiences to deliver a connected customer experience. And this doesn’t stop at digital channels. The limit to collecting data is your own imagination. Explore how Danone Nutricia used Sitecore to map the journey of a new mother – both on and offline – and offer them the right content at the right time, here.

How to understand and interpret the data you collect.

As marketers, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the data that is collected today. To focus on what exactly will drive your business forward, it’s vital to understand the difference between perceived and actual, or actionable, success.

This is only possible when your WCM collects data across the entire customer journey. If you’re not collecting data right until your customers’ last interaction, how do you interpret success? A well-clicked banner ad might seem like a success, but if you’re unable to understand how many complete your set goal, is it really a success?

The Sitecore Experience Database is a key feature of the Experience Platform, that collects and connects all customer interaction data into a single, comprehensive view of each individual experience with your brand.

Sitecore Engagement Analytics

How to use the data you collect to nurture your customers.

It’s critical in the B2B industry to bring marketing and sales together. This allows businesses to continually fill and nurture their sales funnels.

Sitecore Engagement Plans enable marketers to nurture relationships with visitors by adapting the content, channels, and media used in each individual interaction. Marketers can ensure that leads are fully qualified by setting states, conditions, rules, triggers and actions performed by their visitors.

Customer Engagement Plan in Commerce

At Nemetos Tanasuk, we’ve even been working on an integration with Lead Forensics so that our clients can implicitly recognise who’s accessing their website, based on their IP. It allows B2Bs to allocate a business name to each of their visitors – allowing for smarter segmentation when looking to qualify online leads.

Understanding and encouraging customer engagement, so that your business can stay relevant to your target audience, is key to marketing success in today’s world. Sitecore gives you the platform and capabilities to do this.

Sitecore’s engagement capabilities are accessible to anyone with a Sitecore licence. They should be easy to use, and simple to switch on and off, at any point – if your website has been built correctly. Developing a Sitecore website in line with templated layouts and components, means that not only can your site get up and running quickly – but it can be maintained by your own marketing teams.

Working with Nemetos Tanasuk

Nemetos Tanasuk is a technical agency specialising in Sitecore solutions. We’ve been working in long-term partnerships with our clients for over 9 years to help them stay ahead of changes in the digital technology. With one of the largest specialist Sitecore development teams in Europe, we pride ourselves on keeping up to speed with all technical developments in Sitecore – including customer engagement.

If you’re interested in finding out how Nemetos Tanasuk could help your business to either implement or optimise your Sitecore solution, please get in touch. We’re always happy to talk about what we do, why, and how.

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