1. Work with your distributors:
    Direct potential buys and continue to engage and track them on the distributor website through federated content and campaign material. This way, you ensure that your website works hand in hand with your distributors, and not against them.
  2. Know your customer base:
    Many businesses let their product knowledge get the better of them. Instead of presenting a list of your products to a confused customer, take a step back and present your product range based on what your customer is looking for. Focus on customer satisfaction, not what your business wants to sell.
  3. Educate your customers:
    Unlike distributors who are usually able to offer a small area of real estate on their websites, manufacturers have the luxury of presenting their products in depth. Help educate your customers before they visit a retailer, by providing a mixture of media – such as PDFs, videos and technical specs – to show them the benefits of relevant items in your range.
  4. Speak to your customers
    Speak to your customers in their language by integrating IP geolocation so your website can automatically select the appropriate information and language for each visitor. Now, you can offer content relevant to your visitor, without making them do the legwork.
  5. Assist your customers
    Insert yourself into the customer purchasing decision, by allowing your customers to select and compare the benefits and use cases of each of your products. This is particularly important if your product range is highly specialised.
  6. Engage your customers
    Understand who your customers are, through implicit and explicit recognition. Use this to push relevant content to them according to their interests and needs.
  7. Build relationships with your customers
    Take an active approach to building relationships with potential buyers online. Sitecore is a great platform for building relationships directly with consumers. It gives manufacturers the ability to personalise content, and introduce targeted information about the right product, to the right customer, at the right time.

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