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A B2B manufacturer's guide to selling online

Until recently, a B2B (business to business) website had a few basic jobs: to showcase your brand, to provide contact information, and to talk about your work. 

But things are changing. Since the pandemic, digital is playing a much bigger role in purchasing decisions. Buyers are increasingly aware of their options, whether they’re shopping for business or their individual needs.

Instead, customers are relying on online channels throughout their buying journey from research right up to purchase.


Industry leaders have already started investing heavily in their online experiences, whether that’s optimising their websites to do more of the work within the sales funnel or opening an e-commerce channel (83% of B2B organisations are already doing this*).

This approach is often referred to as a D2C or Direct to Customer model, and it’s opening enormous growth opportunities for B2B manufacturers.

Benefits of a D2C model


  • Improved brand reputation
  • Control over messaging with your end customers
  • Ownership of all online customer data
  • Offering self-service capabilities
  • Tapping into new market segments



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