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Research conducted in partnership with Sapio

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Are global manufacturers reacting quickly enough to a fluctuating economic climate? Brands are investing in digital to help achieve their goals, but how flexible is their digital infrastructure to handle impending market pressures? 

As a leading, strategic digital partner to global brands for the last 15 years, Nemetos Tanasuk wanted to really understand the industry’s own sense of the challenges and opportunities heading their way – and how well they’re primed to meet them digitally. In this report, we reveal how manufacturers are embracing digital innovation in 2023.


Global manufacturers are looking to minimise socio-economic disruption and instability by prioritising customer experience (CX) and securing their supply chain.

And they’re investing in digital marketing to help achieve their objectives. The question is, are they optimising their chances for success in 2023 by investing in the right skills, processes, analytics and martech toolkits?

How can C-Suite decision-makers grasp the opportunities and swerve the risks heading their way?

Are manufacturers prepared for the upcoming challenges?

We asked different global manufacturers about their biggest predicted challenges heading into the new year.

Digital transformation lands in the top biggest challenges expected by respondents at number three, with cybersecurity threats and rising costs of raw materials tied in second, and supply chain disruptions, first.


We looked at over 200 companies and assessed their digital maturity based on a number of key factors.

Unsurprisingly, those with low digital maturity sold less through digital channels. Those companies with a higher level of digital maturity are already successfully prioritising customer experience (CX), so it’s no surprise that this appears top of manufacturers’ list.

Reaping the digital rewards

Manufacturers who are currently using more tools and focusing on e-commerce are reaping the benefits of their investment. Over 50% of companies are enjoying the best ROI from their own website.  Download the report and find out more.  

Understand the industry’s own sense of the challenges and opportunities.

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