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Leister Technologies AG operates as a global market and innovation leader in the fields of plastic welding, process heat, and laser plastic welding. With Leister’s technologies like hot air, laser and infrared, and their passion for innovative solutions, they’re able to significantly influence their market segment and set standards worldwide.

Leister is present with eight national companies on three continents with 130 distributors worldwide.

Founded in 1949, the Leister brand stands for more than 70 years of worldwide market and innovation leadership in plastic welding and industrial process heat. With a global market presence, Leister prides itself on lasting customer satisfaction. All Leister brand products and components are developed and produced in Switzerland. Weldy products have been developed and produced since 2004 at Leister Technologies Ltd. in Shanghai, China, according to Leister standards for quality and functionality.

The company is currently based in Kaegiswil, near Sarnen in Switzerland. Leister has more than 900 Leister employees worldwide, 15% of all Swiss employees are in research and development.


Leister had a vision to transform their digital experience in order to support their new B2B2C model, preparing for e-commerce and creating a brand new myLeister experience. In Leister’s previous solution, when distributors, subsidiaries, and Leister employees required access to specific restricted content, such as downloads, they needed to access a separate extranet to do so. As part of Leister’s vision, they needed a new end-to-end experience for B2B customers, B2C customers, and internal employees, all on one shared platform.

This was Phase 1 of a new B2B2C approach for Leister, which is ready for e-commerce, starting with new “Get a Quote” functionality for B2C customers. Launched in 8 countries in 10 unique languages, this is set up so that there is the ability to expand this in the future, and the Sales & Services map already includes 300+ global contacts who can be reached via the contact form directly through the website.

The brand currently deliver thousands of products from the PIM into the Headless frontend. The future ambitions include growing this further, adding full e-commerce functionality for visitors, bringing the Axetris brand website onto the upgraded platform, and undertaking a personalisation and optimisation roadmap.


This project uses cutting-edge solutions in order to transform the digital experience for Leister customers, distributors, subsidiaries, and employees.

As part of the digital transformation, we integrated single sign on for a new end-to-end IoT digital experience with connected Leister products (myLeister app and web). With restricted, integrated downloads, device registration, and more for distributors, subsidiaries, and Leister employees, no separate platform is needed (previously extranet Sharepoint 2010), and what’s more, this new experience facilitates logged-in customers and partners through key funnels, such as product support for their registered devices.

This new experience has already seen impressive results, including at least a 10% increase in inquiries powered by the new customer journeys within Sitecore and direct forwarding of quotation requests to the selected Leister partner.

With the ability to utilise key Sitecore marketing capabilities, including Sitecore Personalisation, Optimisation, and Campaigns, Leister anticipates a continued improved experience powered by Sitecore.

Some key metrics for the new websites include

  • Internal efficiency increased by over 50% through direct integration of Censhare DAM (Digital Asset Management) into Sitecore via Akamai CDN.
  • Increase of inquiries through new customer journeys with direct forwarding of quotation requests to the selected Leister partner by over 10%.
  • Bounce rate has massively improved since the solution went live.
  • Advertising visits went from 78% bounce rate to around 50% bounce rate.
  • 40,000 visits in the first month live.



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