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Formed in 1982, Bibby Financial Services (BFS) are one of the UK’s largest independent SME funders. They’re part of the Bibby Line Group, a family-owned business formed in 1807. BFS supports SMEs across 9 countries throughout Europe and Asia, funding more than 8,500 businesses in 300 industry sectors worldwide. Managing more than £6bn in turnover each year on behalf of their clients, they are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

One of their key focuses is their commitment to responsible business practices, as part of the Bibby Line Group-wide Compass initiative, which places Customer, People, Environment and Community at the heart of how they operate.

Nemetos Tanasuk has been the trusted digital agency for BFS for around 5 years. From ongoing support and development to consultancy and design, we work in partnership to bring the BFS vision to life online, ensuring their site provides the best-in-class customer experience for their clients.


BFS had an abundance of excellent, customer-focused content, but it was distributed in multiple places all over the site. This made it difficult for customers to navigate the site and find what they needed with ease, providing a frustrating user experience.

The BFS brand is highly customer-centred, and so the team wanted to create a centralised space to collate all knowledge and information for their clients. This included articles, reports, news, and case studies, all brought together in one, clear section. This was an excellent opportunity to develop a dedicated Knowledge Hub to drive engagement, allowing customers to navigate quality content with ease.


Our team ran a series of in-depth workshops to understand the goals of this new website section and the logic and structure required. Working with our expert user experience designers, we were able to conceptualise a fully optimised landing page as well as improved article and report page designs. Designs were discussed and developed with the client and then signed off for development.

Our team of developers then worked closely with BFS to implement the designs and create a new, fully optimised space now called the Knowledge Hub, designated for both existing and future content right at their user’s fingertips. The project was then ready for launch within the brand’s specifications.


The new Knowledge Hub is a joy to navigate, with a clear and organised user interface that enables easy navigation for prospects and current clients. By giving the articles and reports a fresh new look, BFS can develop quality content without worrying about how this will look, and where it lives on the site.

Working together with the team at BFS, we were able to bring together content from across the site into a single section, with a newly configured categories feature which allows customers to filter between related articles. Customers can navigate a simpler Knowledge Hub to learn more about the brand, the industry and company news. We’re already working on a continued roadmap to success with the team.

Since the deployment of our knowledge hubs across nine countries we have seen an increase in page views above 500,000, with an average time on page of six minutes compared to one to two minutes before the knowledge hubs launched.

As the knowledge hubs have been developed from scratch, we have also seen a vast increase in our mobile and desktop loading times. Our mobile page load time has increased from the mid-20s to the mid-80s. Which in turn is driving an increase in our organic traffic, up 205% (UK) since we launched.


The development of the knowledge hub was one of our first major projects with Nemetos Tanasuk. From the UX designer, project manager and developers they understood the issues we were facing with our content being dispersed in different areas of the websites and not being able to reach the user.

Working together we migrated over 700 pages to the individual knowledge hubs, which were all launched within the agreed timeframes and is a testament to the Nemetos Tanasuk developers and project managers.

The end result far exceeded expectations. Our editors can now create and publish content within 30mins or less compared to several hours previously and is much easier to find and update. We are already working together on further improvements to the knowledge hub to increase the user experience.

"The end result far exceeded expectations. Our editors can now create and publish content within 30mins or less compared to several hours previously and is much easier to find and update."
Bibby Financial


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