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Sinead Hammond Nov 24, 2021 12:10:00 PM 6 min read

Healthspan achieves 90% more black Friday 2020 sales

Receiving an Honourable Mention in the Sitecore Experience Awards last month, Healthspan had a vision to provide a targeted and integrated personalised brand experience across marketing channels including regional TV, social, PPC, SEO, eCRM, call centre, mail as well as web.

We take a look at some of the learnings from last year to inspire you for what is possible with digital transformation.

The Company

Healthspan is the UK’s leading direct supplier of vitamins and supplements. Healthspan was founded in Guernsey in 1996, with a firm focus on quality, innovation, and unsurpassed customer service.

The company has remained at the forefront of advancements in the world of health and nutrition, while remaining committed to its founding principles. Healthspan operates in the UK, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand, and distributes its products worldwide. It is currently expanding its retail, B2B and third-party online marketplaces.

Healthspan sources and manufactures its range of over 200 supplements, ensuring optimal purity and quality along the way. The company has 1 million satisfied customers and over 130,000 5-star reviews (Feefo).

Healthspan’s Elite brand for competing athletes is an official partner of New Zealand’s All Blacks, British Athletics, British Cycling, British Swimming, Tottenham Hotspur, Nottingham Forest, Southampton FC, The Lawn Tennis Association and Hampshire County Cricket Club.

Healthspan Elite provides Informed Sport-approved and batch-tested quality products developed with and for professional athletes.

The Challenge

Healthspan required a more robust and scalable solution, with improved critical customer journeys and enhanced content delivery capabilities (including across multiple sites). The company’s vision is to provide a targeted and integrated personalised brand experience across marketing channels including regional TV, social, PPC, SEO, eCRM, call centre, mail as well as web.

To achieve this vision, Healthspan turned to Sitecore XC. Healthspan was previously using Sitecore 8 and wished to transfer away from Active Commerce, so embarked on a clean rebuild. This included rewriting the payment process, improving critical user journeys such as checkout and registration, and enabling Sitecore Personalisation Tools. The website was successfully launched in 2020, with a hugely improved customer experience.

A component-based build on Sitecore gave the content editing team flexibility when using Sitecore’s Experience Editor and Content Editor, including editing category pages and site navigation. This enabled testing and improvement powered by Sitecore’s marketing features without the need for development and releases.

The Healthspan Elite site was launched for the first time on the same codebase, and provides an exclusive environment for Elite Athletes, with tailored content and experiences.

Customer experience has improved

- Provision of a mobile-first design, improved speed and performance (especially on mobile)

- Enhanced design supported by testing analytics and personalisation

- Increased payment options

- Improved My Account and self-service including subscription management

- Customer support via chat and co-browsing features

The Transformation

The new Sitecore XC website has transformed the critical user journeys such as checkout to impressive results.

The site redesign was approached from a customer experience angle, looking at mobile-first and an end-to-end service design.

The aim was to move from two fixed journeys – new and existing customers – to a level of personalisation to meet a wider range of user needs, powered by Sitecore.

Providing personalised entry points for paid, SEO and eCRM, through to optimised category pages, gave Healthspan measurable gains. Sitecore’s Personalisation is used to make mobile and new customer experiences faster and lighter, through modifying or removing page components – such as subscriptions – that are not a priority for mobile users or less relevant for new customers.

Sitecore is fully integrated with key third party solutions such as Coveo, which ties in with Sitecore Personalisation to create a unified and supported view of the customer journey. What’s more, the machine-learning capabilities of Coveo search have led to improved product merchandising, enabling more relevant product search results and exposure to new products.

Online chat and co-browsing sessions with customer service representatives have enabled Healthspan to support new customers with product information and assist older customers with website usage. Full integration with the CRM platform has enabled customer self-service.

To improve customer aftercare in the My Account section of the website, Healthspan used a test and learn approach, paired with content components that they could remove or move based on real user behaviour patterns. This also improved the speed of the pages and reduced calls to the CRM database.

The platform’s content flexibility, paired with analytics, has enabled Healthspan to shape customer journeys and improve the overall experience for all customers. This has supported growth and increased conversion rate.

We have seen some impressive results since going live:

- Average load speed has decreased from an average of 4.75 seconds in the first half of 2020, to 2.55 seconds in 2021. This is an improvement of 46.27%.

- Total revenue across the past 8 months (Oct 2020 - end May 2021) compared to the same period over the previous year (Oct 2019 - end May 2020) has increased by 5.92%.

- There have also been successes during some of Healthspan’s most important periods. Black Friday 2020 had 110% more transactions than Black Friday 2019, a 29% higher conversion rate, and 91% more revenue.

- Healthspan’s marketing teams are now making the most of Sitecore’s marketing features, including creating personalised homepage banners for specific marketing campaigns, and improving mobile performance by removing / hiding heavier pieces of media.

- Healthspan recently ran an A/B test to assess the impact of the Sitecore Personalisation rules controlling a dynamic homepage banner that matches an email offer. The personalised banner had a positive impact with a 7.2% increase in order volume and an 11.6% increase in gross revenue. This is a huge improvement and showcases the value of Sitecore’s marketing features for Healthspan.

- Provision of the fully branded, differentiated site at very low additional overhead, using the same codebase with the same core data. This site has already achieved a 6.17% conversion rate and 34% higher AOV than Healthspan.

- Excellent 4.7star Feefo service rating and customer feedback:

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