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Sustainable Marketing: The Carbon Impact of your Website and the Business Case for a Composable DXP

March 01 | 2023 | 1 PM GMT | 4 PM UTC+3
Online Webinar

Sustainability is currently a top priority for customers, with over half of Gen Z happy to pay more than 10% extra for products if they're from a sustainable company. Yet in 2020 alone, the carbon footprint of the internet and its supporting systems accounted for 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions!

Digital teams play an important role in choosing the technologies that lead to less unnecessary energy consumption, and instil confidence in your customers. 

With the clock ticking globally to achieve net zero emissions, how can B2B and B2C marketers alike achieve their company’s green goals and appease their customers’ growing demand for sustainability?

GEN Z 10% price increase

Your Hosts

Sinead Circle
James D Circle

Sinead Hammond

Marketing Manager

James Derry

Chief Client Officer

In our webinar, we’ll look at how your digital experience could be impacting your sustainability targets and steps to take to build lighter, more agile systems which achieves your business goals, satisfies your customers’ demand, and reduces your carbon footprint. 

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